Our Company

We provide a complete range of Electrical Consultancy, Execution of Electrical Projects, and Electrical Maintenance Services for all your electrical needs. No matter what the requirement is, our expert will be providing you best of the solution to you and you can be assured of a reasonable and professional solution. Do you need electrical work to be carried out in your office & factory? It is crucial for work of this kind to be carried out by a qualified electrician, engineers. Our expert team can assess the scope of work required and take care of everything in next to no time.


At SAMARTHRAJ, we are a team comprising of Govt. approved Licensed Electrical Contractor and have served the Commercial and Industrial sectors in Maharashtra, India for over 10 years.


Our Clients include large corporate Retail outlets, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturers, Factories, Commercial establishments and small Businesses.


We have established a good reputation and have built excellent relationships with all of our clients, and this is how we gauge our success. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional work at a fair price.